041 581 4233




Mr H Frösler


School Management Team 


Deputy Principal: Mrs N Langson

Head of Foundation: Mrs H Adams

Head of Intermediate Phase: Mr C. Geswint (Grade 5)

Head of Senior Phase: Mr L. Erasmus (Grade 7)



Computers       - Ms J  Elliot-Gentry

Music               - Mr J. Stone and Ms Judd

isiXhosa           - Mrs O Vazi


Art                    - Mrs C. Ferreira and Mrs S Speyers

Foundation Phase

Grades R - 3



Grade R

Mrs Wheeler,Mrs Vsn Deventer and

Mrs Anthony

Grade 1

Mrs Kusterer,Mrs Lincey and Ms Pote

 Grade 2

Ms Lockette, Miss Vermaak and Mrs Murdock

Grade 3

Mrs Manley, Mrs Adams and Mrs Martens

Intermediate Phase

Grades 4 - 6


Grade 4


Miss Dewsnap, Mrs Dunn and Miss Rossouw

Grade 5

 Mr Geswint, Ms Esau and Mrs Samboer

Grade 6

Mrs Pretorius, Ms Appolis and Ms Louis

Senior Phase

Grade 7


Grade 7

Mr Erasmus, Ms Parker-Nance and Mr Nyathela

Itinerant Staff

Language Therapy: Mrs H. Dunn


Administrative Staff

Mrs S. Sutch (Bursar)

Mrs A E Mould (Acc. Admin)

 Mrs T Pali; Mrs A van der Watt (Secretaries)



Mr J. Jansen van Vuuren


Maintenance Staff

Mr A. Davids

Mr T. Makutso

Mrs T. Sijila


Aftercare Manager

Mr R. Vorster



Contact us

Address and Contact Information


Cnr 1st Ave and Union Road


Port Elizabeth


Contact Details:

Tel: 041 581 4233

Fax: 041 581 5580





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