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Victoria Park Grey Primary School Aftercare Centre

Our aftercare center is like no other, and I couldn't be prouder of what we've achieved together. Our facility stands out in Gqeberha with its new buildings and well-equipped grounds. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to the children we care for. We strive to create a happy and safe environment where our learners feel free to be themselves, where learning and play focus on holistic education. Each member of our team brings immense value to our center, with unique strengths and talents that enrich the lives of our children. Together, we're a family, not just guardians during their time with us, but loving caregivers who ensure their happiness and well-being. Our kids are happy because we're happy, and I'm honored to lead such a fantastic group of people who make this possible every day.

What We Do at Aftercare

At Victoria Park Grey Primary School Aftercare Centre, we prioritize the mental, physical, and emotional needs of our children. We go beyond mere supervision; we assist them with homework, create a happy, safe, and stable environment where our kids can flourish, and act as their surrogate family while they are at aftercare. We encourage honesty, good manners, and guide the development of their social skills, which we hope they will carry with them into the future. Our goal is to foster an environment conducive to holistic development, where each child feels valued and supported.

Our Team

Our team is not only dedicated to caring for the kids but also to caring for each other. Just like your favorite home-cooked meal, each one of us brings different characteristics, like the perfect ingredients. Amongst us, we have good leaders, disciplinarians, individuals with a passion for kids, and qualified first aiders. We strive to be compassionate, accommodating role models who show empathy. This is the kind of team that children need to shape and mold their future into great success. Children spend their whole afternoon with us, so it's essential to create a space conducive to their holistic development

Kids' Happiness

At Victoria Park Grey Primary School Aftercare Centre, we prioritize children's happiness. We provide activities where they can be carefree, as kids should be, after a long day at school. We let them relax, enjoy their lunch, and socialize with friends. Alongside assisting them with homework, we encourage them to do their best and teach them to treat one another with respect and dignity, instilling family values. Every child is valued and worthy in our eyes, fostering an environment where they feel loved and comforted even in moments of sadness. We create a space where children are allowed to express themselves freely, understanding that mistakes happen but honesty is paramount

Mission Statement: Victoria Park Grey Primary School Aftercare Centre

Empowering Children, Nurturing Futures

At Victoria Park Grey Primary School Aftercare Centre, we are more than just a place for children to spend their after-school hours. We are a community dedicated to empowering children and nurturing their futures. With a focus on holistic education, we provide a happy, safe, and stable environment where each child can flourish.

Our Commitment

We are committed to meeting the mental, physical, and emotional needs of every child in our care. Beyond academic support, we foster honesty, good manners, and social development, equipping children with essential life skills for their journey ahead

Our Team

Our team is the heart of our centre. Comprising dedicated individuals with diverse talents and a shared passion for children, we serve as compassionate role models, mentors, and caregivers. Together, we create an inclusive and supportive environment where every child feels valued and supported.

Children's Happiness

At Victoria Park Grey Primary School Aftercare Centre, children's happiness is our priority. Through a blend of structured activities and free play, we encourage children to be carefree and enjoy their time with us. We promote respect, dignity, and a sense of belonging, fostering an environment where children feel loved, comforted, and free to express themselves.

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Aftercare manager - Mr R Vorster

 email: aftercare@vpgrey.co.za

Our Aftercare facilities


Enjoying our New Aftercare building

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